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We Handle The Accounting, So You Can Focus On Your Small Business

Whether managing your small business's accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, or taxes is leaving you feeling frustrated and confused or you are simply are too busy to manage the tasks, we help take the burden off of your shoulders. Our team of experts will help manage your accounting, payroll, and taxes so you can focus on doing what you love in your business.

Grow Your Business & Profits

Looking to increase your profits and grow your business, but not sure how to achieve it? Our experienced professionals will provide tools and expert advice to help you get the results you desire.

Manage Complex Tasks

Completing and managing your accounting, payroll, and tax tasks can be both confusing and a hassle. Our experts will relieve you of these responsibilities, so you can have peace of mind and time for your business.

Save Your Money & Time

As a small business owner your goal is to save both your time and money. Receive savings through strategies that help you save on your tax bill, cut out unnecessary costs, and help you avoid costly penalties and fees.

Expand Your Business Potential

A majority of small business owners who work with an accountant will be more profitable and experience growth compared to those who don't use an accountant. Having our firm as your strategic partner means you'll receive the necessary tools, benefits, and guidance you need to help your business improve and succeed, while saving your time and money.

Small Business Accountant for RI and Southern MA

The success of your small business is as important to us as it is to you. Our services are designed to help solve all of your financial concerns, while creating a proactive strategy to achieve the results you want.

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Crumpled Up Bill


Ways your Small Business Is Wasting Money and How To Fix It

In running your small business, you want to ensure you are staying within a practical budget. However, there are a number of areas you may be spending a great deal of funds on and can be wasting your hard-earned money rather than being an investment in the business.

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Financial Accounting At Desk


Poor Accounting Practices That Will Cost your Business Money

Accounting is critical in any business regardless of size. Accounting can seem like something you can take on or have a family member manage for you, but if either of you are not professionally trained in accounting practices you can end up harming your business financially.

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Tax Blocks on Coins


Ways Your Small Business Can Lower Its Tax Bill

Taxes are a dreaded subject that you wish you could avoid all together, unfortunately just like death taxes are always a certain and sometimes your tax bill can shock you. Luckily, there are some ways your small business can lower its tax bill to use for other investments.

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Tax Saving Note on Dartboard

The States With Zero Income Taxes

Do you ever hate opening up your paycheck and seeing the amount of taxes you pay to both federal and state? Unfortunately, you will still have to pay your federal income taxes but you may be able to do away with your state income taxes. Here is a list of states that have zero income taxes for their residents.

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Hands Holding Growing Money

What Your Small Business Needs To Help Grow

Whether your small business has been running for a number of years or just starting up, you most likely want it to grow. Growth for your small business is crucial to lasting success and capital is the largest contributor to business growth. Even with talk about a recession, many small businesses are optimistic about their growth.

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Piggy Bank With Retirement Jar

Tax Benefits You Could Lose If Transfer Your IRA To A Roth

If you are considering relocating your money that is in a traditional individual retirement account to a Roth, you may want to think about the implications first. Even though Roth's will grow tax-free and mostly have tax-free withdrawls, IRA's still can provide a number of tax benefits that you will lose once you switch to a Roth.

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