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As the energy industry evolves to better serve our communities and the environment, it has created both challenges and opportunities for small business that strive to maintain market share and profitability. Our firm keeps up to date on changes in tax rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about being blind-sided with owing unexpected taxes or violating financial or tax reporting requirements. Our industry experts will accurately complete your monthly financial records, so you will always know where your business stands. No surprises!

Whether its tracking food and inventory costs for gas stations, or travel expenses for deliveries, we’ll make sure you get the lawful deductions your business is entitled to. For our renewable-energy clients, we also research and make sure you take advantage of any incentives the government allows.

We service a variety of clients in the energy industry:

•Gas Stations
•Renewable Energy
•Renewable Fuels
•Oil & Gas
•Water Well Drilling

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Industry News

Wind Turbine

GE Is Planning To Create A High-Speed Blade Inspection Technology for Wind Turbines

With the renewable energy industry becoming more popular, new systems are coming into place to inspect them. GE has released the latest information on their plan for creating a high-speed blade inspection system to test the wind turbines.

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Gas Station

Gas Prices Reach Record High For Fall

Fall is here and with winter right around the corner gas prices are still on the rise. Prcies have risen around 3 cents this week and experts have reported these are the highest prices we have seen in four years.

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Hacker Shadow Silhouette In Front of World Map and Coding

Energy Industry Facing Difficulties With Cyber Hackers

Technology is becoming prevalent everywhere, especially in the energy industry. The use of technology has made easier for hackers to get into the computers and other software of businesses in oil, gas, or other types of energy.

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What Should I Bring To My Business Consultation?


• Last Three Months of Bank Statements or Check Stubs
• Last Year's Business Tax Return
• Last Three Months of Credit Card Statements

Other Information

• QuickBooks Access
• Business's Bank Information

Please Note: This is a generalized list of what is required for a business consultation. As each business's needs will differ, we will notify you on what to specifically bring when booking your initial appointment.

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