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Warning Pop-Up for Scam

New Phishing Scam Targeting Small Business Owners

There is a new phishing scam that is affecting small business owners across the nation. This scam involves links being sent through emails and when owners or employees click on the links which will affect their computers amd allow hackers to have access to personal and confidential information.

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Potential Employees Waiting for Job Interview

SMB Owners Looking to Increase Pay for New Year

With the labor market being tight this year, it is expected that businesses will be fighting even more over qualified workers. At least 26 percent of small business owners have stated that they are looking to increase the pay for jobs to help entice qualified workers to their businesses.

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Small Business Owner Taking Payment

Small Business Owners Anticipate 2019 To End on High Note

According to the Bank of America Business Advantage Fall 2019 Small Business Owner Snapshot, 82 percent of the small business owners surveyed are expecting to continue experiencing revenue growth throughout the end of 2019. A majority of small businesses owners are maintaining high optimism for the rest of the year.

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