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Thinking of Franchising Your Business? These Are Some Pros and Cons

  • Posted: 11/8/2019

When your business continues to grow and becomes a popular staple within your area, you may start thinking of franchising out your business. Some of the pros to franchising your business is established brand and financial assistance when you need it, but you have limited control and less freedom.

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Tax Sign With Figure

New Income Tax Brackets Released for 2020

  • Posted: 11/7/2019

The IRS has recently released the new income tax brackets for 2020. Tax rates will remain the same, however, income limits have been slightly adjusted to make up for inflation. For single filers in the 12% tax bracket they had an income of between $9,701 to $39,475, now the income is $9,875 to $40,125.

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Retired Couple Overlooking View

Looking To Retire? These Are The Least Tax-friendly States For Retirees

  • Posted: 11/6/2019

As a retiree, you are usually on a fixed income and not making as much as you were when you were working and some states are just too expensive to continue to live in. "Kiplinger's State-by-State Guides to Taxes" on retirees shows you which are the states you should look to settle in and which to stay away from.

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Older News

Business Owners Going Over Financial Data

Big data is no longer available for just large businesses. Small businesses are now able to have access to the same data that their larger competitors have been using as an advantage over them. Small businesses can use this data to see where their businesses currently are, monitor their supply chain, and keep an eye on automation and AI.

October 10, 2019
Credit Card With Cash and Travel Rewards

To help small businesses, Visa is introducing their Visa Infinite Business. Their newest business card will offer business owners high-spending along with higher value protection, travel and life-style, and other business-centric benefits. Visa is dedicating themselves to helping to meet the needs of small business owners by providing them essential benefits.

October 11, 2019
Laptop With Sending Mass Email Symbols

As a small business owner, you are used to wearing a variety of different hats and doing the job of many. However, there comes a point where it becomes overwhelming and you start to look into outsourcing certain jobs and tasks. Four questions to ask before outsourcing are: what do you struggle with; what expertise do you lack; what are the mundane tasks; and do you need creative/professional work done?

October 4, 2018
Massachusetts State Capital Building

Massachusetts has dropped down to 36th place out of the 50 states according to a business tax climate index. This new finding is bringing questions and concerns to the state as House Democrats are continuing to come up with new tax ideas to increase revenue to the state. The recent MA PMFL has helped to continue lowering the state's tax friendless to both businesses and individuals.

October 7, 2019

Other Current News

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Amazon Set To Start Their Small Business Academy

To help support local, small businesses Amazon has announced that they will be offering small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups a range of educational programs online through their Amazon Small Business Academy to help them grow their customer base, build their brand, and increase their sales.

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Gas Station Attendant Pumping Gas

Increase In Gas Taxes Being Considered For MA

A small group of business leaders in Massachusetts are advocating for lawmakers to help control the traffic congestion in the greater Boston area by passing an increase in the gas tax. There has not been an increase in the gas tax since 2013 and the business leader group is pushing for a 25-cent increase for the gas tax.

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Customer Paying With Credit Card

Should Your Business Go Cashless? Here's 3 Reasons Why It Should

Cash used to be the "king" of all payments, however, credit has taken over that title with many customers no longer even carrying cash in their wallets anymore. With less and less people using cash, many small businesses are considering going cashless and there are three big reasons why they should.

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